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   ” Maybe Sam-pai will notice me today

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    He actually takes a step back, all attempts at nonchalance melting away. It’s a minute before he looks Lucifer over, hoping that his dumbass big brother is playing a really, really bad joke on him.

               But he sees nothing.

        “If you mean the whole deali-o with Cas the other day, that was me,” he responds slowly, his gaze wary now. “There were times when the stuff comin’ outta my mouth wasn’t agreeing with my brain, an’ maybe Metatron was Muppeting me around at times — I dunno. All I know is that I needed a freakin’ shower after gettin’ jerked around like that. But I sure as hell ain’t workin’ with that douchebag.”

          The taste in his mouth is bitter, there’s a roaring sound in his ears — it shows in his eyes, too, how angry he is.

Lucifer could see how his question affected his brother and he knew..

                 He knew that he still harbored hatred in his heart because of everything he’d done. He’d interpreted the look in his eyes as a question, how dare he? After everything that happened between them and he thought he had the right to ask such a question. He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out so he closes his mouth. Waits, tries again.


             —I’m sorry Gabriel, I wanted to make sure I could—

  He didn’t dare finish, he would not speak of trust after all he’d done to Gabriel. Tear apart his home and family, kill him. He knew that would only make things worse between them. It was as though that’s all he was good for. That it was all he knew, how to dissapoint. He averted his gaze and awaited the enraged reply from his brother.

                            I came because I want to help, in any way I can.

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"Brother..." Lucifer greets with a soft grin painted on his lips. The same one he'd given the trickster up in heaven before his fall. Although his smile lied for him the serpents cold blue eyes gave up all his inner struggles. "You're looking well."



            He’s not an idiot. He knows when he’s being played.
              So he fixes his widest, least sincere grin onto his face and his eyes widen just a little too innocently.

                       “Hey bro.
           Yeah, well, y’know, pilates.”

The fallen chuckles slightly at his younger brother, he looks away to steady his outer mask. Body language desperately attempts the slow calm movements but he can’t. 

              His love for his brother betrays his mind and his hands shake. He should focus but he can’t— His breath trembles as he sucked in a small breath.

  Are you… working with Metatron?  He exhales, voice barely above a whisper.

             His eyes are begging for the answer to be no and if it’s not…

   Then he simply does not wish to hear an answer.

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Metatron. Samandriel had heard that name a lot lately over angel radio. He was the one who’d closed Heaven. He one who had caused the corruption that was Heaven to spill out upon the Earth to where they should never have been. The one who had caused angels to fight in all out civil war on a land made for the humans they were meant to protect. “Enough to know that he doesn’t interpret our father’s Word as well as he thinks he does.” The angel answered. There was a note of bitterness there.


    So you do not stand with him? Good.

He takes a moment of silence.

                For his family,

 Lucifer knew the pain of falling and knowing that Metatron had done what his Father did to him unto his brothers and sisters…

           It made his thirst for blood, for the end of the little scribe whom thought he could play their Father. 

I’ve stood by for quite a while watching things get worse and worse, convincing myself it wasn’t something I should be concerned with and because of that… I allowed that little worm to cast my family to Earth. To turn them against each other. 

                Now is the time I return.

                          The time for me to redeem myself for my past actions.

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Get your facts right, hipsters.


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"I’m not sure how it happened. I like to think our father did it, but he’s been gone for some long. Death says that he didn’t."


    Lucifer takes a moment to process the information, a nod to himself is all he gave at first.

I see

    He knows he must ask of the battle plans, he needs to know that Samandriel is against Metatron but the serpent has grown since his days in the cage. He was no longer cruel towards humans, he understood them more. Since then he attempted to live out a normal life and it was all going smoothly

            —-That is until Metatron cast all the angels from heaven.

                      Brother, what do you know of Metatron?

 The Morningstar inquires cooly, though his anger at the scribe bubbled violently beneath his surface.

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Wether it be the kind you see in movies, demons, souls with unfinished business, poltergeists, or just imprints on old objects.

I just want to know.

The answer is yes.

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— Fast

                          fade  away 

It’s almost  ơvєɾ 
                                       old on —

                               Sℓσω I                         ƧƲƑƑƠƇƛƬЄ 

I’m ƈơʅɗ and ƅɾơƙєɲ 


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Imagine your icon approaching you while you’re eating and just taking your entire plate of food then disapearing without a trace.


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Samandriel swallowed. He had not seen his brother in a long time and seeing him now could not be a good sign. “How are you here?” he asked. 

Hmm, good question.

   The Serpent hums tapping his chin idly in his thought, cold gaze drifted back to his brother.

      I’d guess Father if I didn’t have so little faith in him but I could be wrong. But I’ve been out for quite a while, and last I checked you were dead. 

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Apparently the snake was very smart.

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Break my muse with one ask.

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